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Visit our Canterbury Estate Sales Office at Harcourts Office 81 Princes Way Drouin. Open between 9AM and 5:30PM Monday to Friday and Saturday Between 9AM and 3PM.

With interest rates at an all-time low there has never been a better time to invest in Real Estate than right now. Canterbury Estate Drouin are offering a generous discount this month so why not invest in your future and purchase in Canterbury Estate Drouin.

Titles are available which gives you the opportunity to establish your new home now or land bank invest until you're are ready to build. Contracts signed within the month of August will receive $4,000.00 discount off the listed price. Offer ends 31st August 2016. Be quick!!

Canterbury Estate provides the ultimate in space, style, and location. Elevated benched blocks with gorgeous view of surrounding park land and other quality homes in the neighbourhood.

Drouin Secondary College is within walking distance along with VLine train access and all of Drouin's amenities.

A wide variety of lot sizes ranging from 417m2 to 816m2, there’s sure to be a block to suit your lifestyle.

Lot 801605m2$139,000
Lot 802646m2$158,000
Lot 803646m2$158,000
Lot 804645m2$158,000
Lot 805645m2$158,000
Lot 806644m2$165,000
Lot 807724m2$175,000
Lot 808761m2$179,000
Lot 809659m2$162,000
Lot 810743m2$169,000
Lot 811660m2$149,000
Lot 812751m2$149,000
Lot 813798m2$163,000
Lot 814723m2$159,000
Lot 815491m2$126,000
Lot 816566m2$135,000
Lot 817526m2$142,000
Lot 818526m2$142,000
Lot 819526m2$142,000
Lot 820518m2$140,000
Lot 821719m2$175,000
Lot 822787m2$179,000
Lot 7011170m2Sold
Lot 702759m2Sold
Lot 703744m2$149,000
Lot 704644m2Sold
Lot 705674m2Sold
Lot 706788m2Sold
Lot 707730m2Sold
Lot 708607m2$139,000
Lot 709421m2Sold
Lot 710417m2$120,000
Lot 711821m2Sold
Lot 712811m2$143,000
Lot 713816m2Sold
Lot 714470m2Sold
Lot 715478m2$120,000
Lot 716680m2Sold
Lot 717572m2$142,000
Lot 718571m2Sold
Lot 719630m2Sold
Lot 720621m2$142,000
Lot 721612m2$142,000
Lot 722544m2$129,000
Lot 723544m2Sold
Lot 724544m2$129,000
Lot 725544m2$129,000
Lot 726544m2Sold
Lot 727356m2Sold
Lot 728347m2Sold
Lot 729499m2Sold
Lot 730649m2Sold
Lot 731578m2Sold
Lot 732577m2Sold
Lot 733576m2Sold
Lot 734647m2$148,000
Lot 735647m2$139,000
Lot 736646m2$139,000
Lot 737603m2Sold
Lot 738653m2$148,000

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A Landgipps Development

A Landgipps development